Covid-19 Policies &

Center-Based Session Policies and Procedures for Parents/Caregivers

Due to the current restrictions for social distancing, we have updated the structure of our summer services to provide the same quality of intervention, while maintaining safety for students and staff. We are offering a variety of services center-based and via telehealth to meet each student’s needs.

During the initial phase of quarantine, SBC quickly pivoted to a telehealth model for all current school and home-based clients, reducing the duration of complete service interruption. Like many educators, this change was made with little to no planning time. We are proud to say we have found successful methods to provide ABA services through direct telehealth sessions with the client, parent facilitated sessions with the client, and parent training. Our technicians have received training in providing proactive behavior supports, prompts, reinforcement, and individualized instruction for our clients using these platforms.  Many social skills, academic skills, daily living skills, communication skills, and play and leisure skills-including those specified on each student’s IEP goals and objectives- can be successfully addressed via telehealth. SBC continues to offer this option for students and families who have high-risk family members in their homes.

SBC will be using the following safety procedures to address the current government guidelines during COVID-19 for all center-based services

Drop-off procedure during COVID-19:

Prevention Guidelines your Provider is the following:

All SBC Staff will sanitize the items used regularly:

Both staff and caregivers will sign consent forms acknowledging and agreeing to engage in safety precautions. Even with all the precautions we are putting into place, we cannot guarantee that there will not be a transmission of COVID-19 between staff and our clients and their households.