For Parents Enrolling in a SBC Summer Program

Step One: Document Review

Parents are asked to send documentation related to their child’s needs prior to the intake interview. This allows the BCBA to review the child’s history prior to the first meeting.

Step 2. Intake Interview

The intake interview  is a free service intended to let SBC get to know you and your child and for you to get to know SBC. At SBC we recognize that a family has to choose a practice they can trust and that they can choose from a variety of service providers. It is important to choose a practice that aligns with your philosophy for teaching your child. During the intake interview, the behavioral consultant will discuss the mission and philosophy of SBC and then discuss the appropriateness of services. The intake is conducted in the SBC office and typically takes 2 hours. Both the parents and the child should attend the intake interview.

Step 3. Status for request and status of funding

At the intake interview, the status of funding will be also be discussed. Some families will choose to pay privately for services, others will apply for the Ohio Autism Scholarship Program, and some families will have services provided through their school district.

Step 4. Assessment

Assessment procedures will vary based on the program you choose.

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